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Why Coaching ?

The concept of personal development and self-improvement was introduced to the public in 1930 in the United States through the psycho-therapy field. Until the mid-1980’s this concept developed and the methods used engaged at the level of ‘therapist and patient’ relationship. Later on, life coaching evolved in the United States to create a new relationship based on partnership between the coach and the client. Coaches are equally committed to the client’s preferred goals. Different from therapy or counseling, coaching starts from where the client is and helps the individual get to where they want to be. 


Coaching is a process where it helps the individuals to recognize and understand their goals, strengths, and potential. It helps them design a vision for their future and create a strategy to get there, challenges them to decrease the gap between where they are now and their best future. It provides them with the essential tools, support, and accountability required to reach their goals and objectives.

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Arwa Alkhwaja



Lallia Allali

Coaching Director/Coach

Coaching Programs

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