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Muslim Connections


RIHLA is excited to offer Muslim Connections!
A service to assist our community members in finding a suitable match for marriage. 
*A service for California residents only*

Confidentiality and respect are of utmost importance and are maintained throughout the process. 

For more information please contact:


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Muslim Connections Process:

Currently under maintenance. Please check back soon!

1: Fill out the -- and sign the waiver


2: Once the forms and payment of $25/year (Non-Refundable) is received your profile will be  added to our database.


3: Matches are made by our anonymous, experienced matchers. 


4: Once a match is found, we will be in touch with both parties. We will separately arrange for each individual to meet with our coordinator to view the potential matches profile. We will not forward any of the information to either party. 


5: Once both parties are interested and agree to move forward, we will share the contact info.


6:  At this point, we are no longer involved. 


7:  If all goes well, please let us know a.s.a.p so we can remove you from our database.


Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that we will find a suitable match. We match exclusively based on the information you have provided.

CLICK HERE to send payment or scan the code with your phone!

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Pay Here

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