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Mentor-Mentee Program


Mentor-Mentee Program

Rihla is happy to provide a year round mentor-mentee program for San Diego Muslim youth. We believe that it takes a community to raise successful god conscious individuals, and we are committed to providing high school and college students with mentors who can help them achieve their academic and career goals. We want to ensure that no one ever feels like they don't have someone they can go to seek advice.

By setting up the ground rules for the relationship, and ensuring that both mentors and mentees are equally committed, we hope that this program will offer sustainable contributions to our community.

Mentees looking to register should click  here.

Mentors looking to register should click here.



We expect all mentees to:
Maintain the highest level of Islamic character and conduct
Be professional in your communication and time commitments
Be respectful of your mentors and fellow mentees
Commit to the mentee-mentor relationship for at least one year
Meet or speak with your mentor at least once every two months
Log hours appropriately and on time
Be organized and proactive when it comes to assigned responsibilities




We expect all mentors to:
Maintain the highest level of Islamic character and conduct
Meet with or speak to your mentee at least once every two months
Work with your mentee to accomplish short and long term goals
Guide and advice your mentees to the best of your ability
Provide resources and networking opportunities when possible
Log hours appropriately and on time



College Readiness

There are three questions most high school students have regarding college:


1) How do I apply to college?

2) Which college should I apply to?

3) What should I major in?


Rihla hopes to host a series of workshops, once in the Spring and once in the Summer to properly prepare students to succeed in their endeavours.


Osama Alkhawaja

Youth Director

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